VI Petersburg International Scientific and Industrial
Composite Forum
12 NOVEMBER 2021
Saint Petersburg
Goals and objectives
Stimulation of demand for composite materials and products and support for small and medium business in the composite production
Increase of domestic composite production in Russia and increase of Russian products competitiveness
Creation of a communication platform in St. Petersburg for developers of technologies, manufacturers of materials and products from composite material.
Organization of the united information area in the field of production and utilization of composite materials and products
Why to participate?
- Communication with
- Getting the latest industry
Convenient and effective
- There are active investors
- Direct contact with the representatives of the Authorities

Support of the Authorities

- Perspective project
with a lot of interesting
and effective solutions

Composite Forum Participants
  • Manufacturers of raw and intervening materials
  • Manufacturers of finished products for various industries
  • Consumers of composite materials and goods
  • Manufacturers and distributors of equipment and tools
  • Developers of specialized software
  • Specialized research and projects institutes
  • Specialized educational institutions
  • Industrial media
Exhibition Visitors
  • Representatives of ministries and departments involved
    in the development of industry
  • Leaders and specialists of enterprises and organizations in such fields as: Automotive industry; Shipbuilding; Energy, oil and gas; Military-industrial complex; Aviation and cosmonautics; Instrument making; Mining; Chemistry; Manufacture of glass and ceramics; Building; Engineering;Research activity
  • Representatives of educational institutions
  • Representatives of innovation funds and development institutions, venture funds, investment companies
Project director
Irina Stepanycheva
Tel: +7 921 330 26 85
+7 (812) 320 63 63, доб. 711